Creativity training

Creativity can be defined as the capacity to come up with unique and original solutions to any problem. The creativity can be highly trained when you are a child. In school, the teacher has a crucial role in the creativity training. That’s why a good teacher always asks the students to come up with original and independent solutions and ideas, to ask questions or to express their thoughts freely.

But if you are now an adult, there are a few possibilities to train your creativity, and I’m going to describe them here.

A good idea is to change your daily activities. Start with a walk in the park, visit a museum, or anything you would not do normally.

Try changing the way you approach a problem. Imagine that you are a friend of you, or a child. What would he do? One thing you could do is try thinking at the exact opposite of the initial solution.

Always have a notebook or an agenda with you, so when a good idea comes, you should write it right away. I know you usually think ‘I’ll note it later’, but in most of the cases you forget your idea.

There are some studies which show that if you listen to classic music, you will be much more creative. The same thing applies if you’re doing some physical exercises.

There are also some psychological ways to develop your creativity.

Ask yourself different questions. The questions are the base of knowledge and creativity. It’s good to start some simple questions, and finish with the hard ones. For example, start with “What can I do with an apple?”, continue with “How can I paint an apple”, and finish with “With what piece of furniture an apple looks like?”. I know, it might sound silly, but trust me, it works. Find various answers to these questions, and you will soon be able to take your creativity to a whole new level.

Read. Books help you gain a rich vocabulary, and they increase your mental agility. It’s recommended to try as many types of books as possible.

Be balanced. Eat healthy and diverse, make sure you get enough sleep, and exercise constantly.

And make sure you dedicate a few hours of week only to the creativity training exercises. You should focus only on creative activities in order to be successful.

Remember that it all comes down to will. If you really want to train your creativity, then you shouldn’t stop persevering until you reach the desired level.

Don’t be afraid of taking chances. Experiment different types of solutions and see where they take you. That’s why I said that it’s all about the will. If you fail a couple of times, is important not to give up. You will finally make it, that’s for sure.

Now that you know all these things about creativity, the only question is: “Do you have enough will to improve your skills? Or are you satisfied with your current condition?”. It’s up to you.


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